Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Olive Express just for olives?

No. The Olive Express not only fills olives for all your martinis and bar drinks, this innovative stuffer is priceless when creating chic hors d'oeuvres, mouthwatering appetizers and treats to satisfy any sweet-tooth!

I'm always looking for fun, easy things to serve friends at my cocktail parties. Any ideas?

Yes! While the Olive Express is great for stuffing olives with cheeses, chopped onions, minced garlic, crab or lobster meat...the Olive Express also works wonders infusing chocolate or mascarpone cheese into cherries or strawberries, adding goat cheese to dates, or shrimp mousse to cherry tomatoes for delicious desserts or cocktail party appetizers. We have some great ideas in our RECIPES section of this website. Check it out!

Is the Olive Express dishwasher safe?

The Olive Express is available in light-weight plastic or dishwasher safe stainless steel. There are no separate moving parts that can get lost or damaged. The Olive Express is one self-contained jewel. The light-weight plastic stuffer can be easily swished in soapy water after use!

Why is your product better than any other olive stuffer that's on the market?

The Olive Express is the leader in olive stuffers. It is made to hold in either hand and gets the job done in three easy steps. There is no need to fumble and there is no messy clean-up. Unlike imitators, the Olive Express is fast, easy, durable and FDA approved!


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